Privacy Policies

The Federal Trade Commission Act is the only legal enaction solely addressing internet privacy. Companies failing to protect consumer's personal data and companies non-compliant with their own posted privacy policies are subject to charges from the Federal Trade Commission. Friedberg Pinkas' website does not operate on a "SSL certificate", meaning Friedberg Pinkas and its visitors' connection is not private. That is, others are able to view data transmission between visitors and the firm. The "SSL certificate", however, is only really necessary for websites involving private information transmission. The firm's website does not have any forms, and does not have any way of transmitting private information.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (and its associated services) is the primary tool Google provides website owners to monitor their website's interaction data. The features provide useful statistical categorizations about the websites' interaction with its users. For a full list of the features, see Google Analytics Features. Other features include "Event Tracking" (For example, if a user clicks or hovers over a button, link, or visits a page on the website, Friedberg Pinkas knows about it); the firm uses a few Google Analytics features and does not use any of Google's advertising tools.

Friedberg Pinkas' Web Data Usage

Friedberg Pinkas does use Google Analytics and its affiliated tools. All Google provided features Friedberg Pinkas PLLC uses are listed below:

  • Event Tracking
  • Benchmarking Reports
  • Custom Reporting
  • Performance Reporting
  • Site Reporting

Friedberg Pinkas PLLC only uses these tools for improving the website's design, its functioning, and to increase the likelihood visitors find the firm in their Google searches. Never, under any circumstances does the firm provide the data to third-parties. Furthermore, Friedberg Pinkas PLLC does not use any of Google's advertising services, and aside from occupying a website domain (, the firm does not advertise.


Friedberg Pinkas PLLC's website uses Google Analytics and their associated tools to improve itself. No third-parties ever see the data collected about visitors.


All Friedberg Pinkas' advertising, data gathering, and privacy implementations were discussed in this policy. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the policies therein are welcome:

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